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Craining in a hot tub

Hot Tub Relocation and Removals Service from £390

If you’re moving home and you want to take your hot tub with you or you’ve bought a second-hand hot tub and you need it relocating, then we offer our premium hot tub relocation service.

Hot Tub relocation requires a minimum of two qualified engineers with the correct specialist equipment. At Champion Hot Tubs our family team of engineers are fully insured and qualified to help you out. We will always require talking through your project, pictures and videos are always very useful, with site surveys dependent on location being very useful.

Give us a call on 01889 588300 or email us for more information.

Hot Tub Disposal Service from £390.00

If you have moved into a property and there is an existing hot tub you don’t want, then we can offer a fully insured hot tub removal and disposal service.

It may be that you already own a pre-loved hot tub that you no longer want or isn’t viable to repair and you want a new hot tub,  At Champion Hot Tubs we can offer the removal, disposal and the sale of a new hot tub.

Removing or disposing a hot tub is a specialist service, as you can imagine hot tubs are not the easiest to move or dispose of. All of our engineers are qualified and insured to help you out.

Our Hot Tub Removal and Hot Tub Disposal service will only be carried out with specialist equipment. We need to know that the hot tub is still in sound enough condition to be removed safely.

All of our Hot Tub Disposals are recycled for there re-usable material, plastics, metals.

Hot tub disposal diagram
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