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Jacuzzi Hot Tub Jets Service

Enjoy the Bubbles for Years to Come with Hot Tub & Swim Spa Servicing & Repair in Cheshire & Staffordshire.

Essentially over a period your hot tub or swim spa can build up biofilm. Biofilm is a form of slime that builds up on the inside of the pipe work and potentially cause issues with pumps, heaters, and filters – This could reduce the performance of pumps and your Hydrotherapy experience -Biofilm also forms a barrier for bacteria to grow behind, preventing your bromine or chlorine to work as effectively thus impacting your bathing quality.

An annual hot tub or swim spa service is essentially like your cars Mot and Service, helping protect your investment, promote your hot tubs longevity, performance, and your bathing experience.

Our certified hot tub technician's that are trained in BISHTA water hygiene management are backed by years of experience and are fully equipped to service your hot tub or swim spa  and ensure that it’s in good working order. Areas for hot tub & swim spa services include Staffordshire, Cheshire & Shropshire and all makes of hot tubs & swim spa's with Balboa, Gecko, Spanet controlled hot tubs.

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Annual Service Plan

Just like your cars Mot and annual Service – Helps protect your investment. An annual visit from one of our Champion Hot Tub Engineers is a great way to detect any issues that you may have.



Prices starting from:
£27 per month/Direct Debit

Annual Service:
One-off payment from £325.00

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Hot Tub Refresh and Sparkle

For the busy professional and family. We will deep clean and disinfect your Hot Tub and take the hassle out of cleaning and draining your Hot Tub. Pre-book your Hot Tub refresh for us to visit you every 3 months – Why not pre order your new filters and chemicals and we will replace them for you at the same time – This is an additional charge.


What’s included:

  • Drain Water from Hot Tub

  • Deep clean and disinfect pipework

  • Surface clean and sparkle inside surface and cabinet outside

  • Refill with clean water, sanitise and balance, leaving a sparkling refreshed hot tub


Cost: £225.00 per visit

Gold Membership

£83.00 per month


  • 1 full annual service including brand new filter or filters

  • 3 Hot Tub refresh and sparkle

  • 10% off all chemicals and accessories

  • No call out fee for out of warranty work

Silver Membership

£53.00 per month


  • 1 full annual service

  • 2 Hot Tub refresh and sparkle

  • 5% off all chemicals and accessories

  • No call out fee for out of warranty work

Bronze Membership

£30.00 per month


  • 1 full annual service

  • 1 Hot Tub refresh and sparkle

  • 5% off all chemicals and Accessories 

  • No call out fee for out of warranty work


Coming close to the end of your warranty period?

Our extended warranty packages are the ideal way to protect your investment for years to come.

Extended Warranty All Components, Member
£40.00 month + Membership if you’re already a subscriber

Extended Warranty All Components, Non-Member
£50.00 month

Includes 12 months Cover for: Heater, Pump, PCB Control Board, Top Side Controller

Extended Pump Warranty (Single Pump), Members - £15.00 per month

Extended Pump Warranty (Multi Pump), Members - £25.00 per month

Extended Pump Warranty (Single Pump), Non-Members - £25.00 per month

Extended Pump Warranty (Multi Pump), Non-Members - £35.00 per month

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Care Packages and Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions

All Extended Warranty Plans are only available for Vita Spa, Reef Spas, Jacuzzi.

All plans are 12-month contracts. You have the right to cancel any of the plans after 12 months, by giving 1 months’ notice in writing but any warranty/service will cease the day of cancellation. For new hot tub owners, payments will start on either the 1st or 15th of the month. Payments can be made in full annually or on a recurring monthly payment.

Your plan will auto-renew on an annual basis unless you give us one calendar months’ notice prior to the renewal date. Any Missed payments then your plan or warranty will be paused until payment has been made and your account is up to date.

It is your responsibility to allow us access to your property so we can service your hot tub. If an appointment is made and we cannot gain access, then a charge may be levied for the wasted visit.

The Annual Service subscription and Champion Hot Tub Club plan can be booked after six months payments have been made.

For all extended warranty plans a Spa inspection must be carried out at a cost of £100.00 paid before site Visit – Once Hot Tub Has passed then warranty can start – Warranty plans however must commence no more than 30 days after inspection. All contracts are for an initial period of 12 months.

  • The following components are covered:

    • Heater

    • Pump or pumps

    • Topside

    • PCB controller

    • Bleaching, fading, staining and wear and tear to the shell surface and/or the cabinet

    • Repair of any accessories, such as stereos, lights, speakers, steps, spa cover, cover lifters and hand rails

    • Repair/replacement of any consumable items, such, filters, ozone and pillows.

    • Repair/replacement of any valves, jets, leaks of any description, filter housing, cabinet and any associated pipework for the hot tub.

    • Any failure in the electrical supply, such as plugs, sockets, isolators, cabling and fuses

    • Repair due to failure caused, either directly or indirectly, by poor maintenance and/or misuse

    • Repair, damage or loss caused, either directly or indirectly, by a repair, service or maintenance carried out by anyone other than Champion Hot Tubs

    • Repair or loss caused by any kind of accident

    • Consequential loss of any kind

    • Loss of amenity while the spa is unusable and awaiting repair

    • Costs associated with clearing obstacles from the work area or extracting the spa from restricted areas, such as decking or specialised spa enclosures and buildings

    • Any failure or damage caused by natural events or disasters, such as flooding, hurricane, blizzard, riot and lightening

    • Any failure or damage caused by any infestation of pests/vermin, such as mice, rats, wasps, bees and hornets, etc.

    • We only cover spas that are being used in a domestic setting.

    • We reserve the right to refuse cover or reject a claim for repair if the manufacturer’s instructions regarding your spa\’s routine maintenance are not being carried out.

    • Any repair work completed by anyone other than a champion Hot Tub engineers will not be reimbursed.

    • We only provide cover if a pre-inspection of your spa was carried out by a champion hot tub  engineer.

    • Only to fit, use or apply any accessories or consumables that are approved by Vita spa, Reef Spa, Jacuzzi, Rotosp and Champion Hot tubs.

    • This warranty is non-transferrable.

    • You must carry out routine maintenance as specified in your manufacturer’s instructions.

    • You must contact our service department by email: or call to report a fault when it occurs, and accept that repairs under this warranty can only be carried out by a Champion Hot Tub engineer.

    • After a repair has been completed, you agree that any salvage becomes the property of Champion Hot Tubs.

    • You must notify us if you are moving, and we reserve the right to cancel the contract if you’re not using trained Champion Hot Tub installers to transit your spa to your new home.

    • You agree to the warranty’s terms and level of cover.

    • You agree to pay the premium specified in your schedule each month.

    • Your spa is covered anywhere within England & Wales while the spa is located at the same address where the pre-inspection check was completed.

    • This warranty is governed by the laws of England & Wales and does not affect your statutory rights.

    • After a reported claim, we will arrange for a skilled engineer to visit at the earliest available appointment.

    • Should a replacement part be out of stock, we will source one from our supplier network. We will not be responsible for any loss of amenity while we await delivery of replacement parts.

    • Please contact our service department by emailing us at or call us on 01889 588300.

    • We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee equal to one month’s instalment.

    • If you have made any claims, the outstanding balance of 12 months premium will be due.

    • Please review the complete terms and conditions.

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