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Vita Spa

6 Seats

7 Person

1 Lounger

Vita Spa - 700 Series - Mystique, 7 Person, 6 Seats, 1 Lounger, Hot Tub


700 Series


Sale Price: £18,995

Our fitness spa is designed to help you with active recovery and staying in shape so your body can feel its best no matter what. With easy-to-use exercise equipment, it's no hassle to take the time you need to get in a good workout followed by incredible relaxation in one of this spa's many seat options.

The Mystique, flagship of the Vita Spa 700 Series, is a 10ft spacious family Hot Tub offering everything you could ever want. 

The spacious layout of the Mystique gives you a variety of relaxation zones that deliver incredible hydrotherapy.  Two large corner seats are fitted with our champagne air rings and vertical back massage.

A further large corner seat and two bench seats give an assortment of massages while safety entry steps finish the layout. And you want to play footsie with anyone due the Mystique extra large footwell.

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