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J16 Power Pro


This 16ft J-16™medium sized swim spa blends advanced aquatic tech with PowerPro™ jets, catering to all fitness levels. It features SteadySwim™ buoyancy, SmoothSwim™ shell,and return suctions for a turbulence free swim system. The PowerTone™ fitness kit offers varied workouts, while four ergonomic seats with unique jet configurations provide relaxation and hydrotherapy. Innovative Jacuzzi® tech includes FORM goggles, a ProTouch™ control pannel, and a swim selector for personalised experiences. With a status indicator light and the trusted Jacuzzi® name, the J-16™ provides a comprehensive home wellness solution for both fitness and relaxtion. 

As a Jacuzzi Swim Spa Retailer in Cheshire & Staffordshire you can view the range at either of our Swim Spa showrooms. Cheshire Swim Spa Showroom, CW5 7QB or Staffordshire Swim Spa Showroom, ST18 9SD. We deliver our Jacuzzi Swim Spas in Cheshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire & Shropshire.

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Energy Efficient Insulation

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