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4 Seats

5 Person

No Lounger

Jacuzzi - Power Pro - J16, 5 Person, 4 Seats, No Lounger, Swim Spa

J16 Power Pro


This 16ft J-16™medium sized swim spa blends advanced aquatic tech with PowerPro™ jets, catering to all fitness levels. It features SteadySwim™ buoyancy, SmoothSwim™ shell,and return suctions for a turbulence free swim system. The PowerTone™ fitness kit offers varied workouts, while four ergonomic seats with unique jet configurations provide relaxation and hydrotherapy. Innovative Jacuzzi® tech includes FORM goggles, a ProTouch™ control pannel, and a swim selector for personalised experiences. With a status indicator light and the trusted Jacuzzi® name, the J-16™ provides a comprehensive home wellness solution for both fitness and relaxtion. 

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Energy Efficient Insulation

Energy Efficient Insulation

Industry leading, multilayered insulation  that retains and recycles heat.