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4 Seats

5 Person

No Lounger

Jacuzzi - Power Active - J19, 5 Person, 4 Seats, No Lounger, Swim Spa

J19 Power Active


The J-19™ PowerActive™ Swim Spa is not just for swimming and is an ideal place for aquatic fitness with workouts focussed on aerobic and resistance training. This Swim Spa has been carefully designed to be simple and easy to use with features such as ProTouch™ control which lets you turn on your swim jets and adjust your hydrotherapy experience at the tap of a button. Other features include the soft stride mats allow you to enter, exit and workout in the swim spa safely, the SmoothSwim™ shell design stops reflective waves, so you can always enjoy the perfect swim. 

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Energy Efficient Insulation

Energy Efficient Insulation

Industry leading, multi layered insulation that retains and recycles heat.

Dimensions:569cm x 236cm x 134cm

Usuable Swim Area: 376cm

Dry Weight: 1,207 kg 

Total Filled Weight: 10,412 kg

Pump 1: 3HP/2SPD/10/3A (UK)

Pump 2: 4HP/1SPD/12.7A (UK)

Technical Information

  • PowerActive™ AX Swim Jets

  • FORM Goggles Wearable Technology

  • Infrared and Red Light therapy

  • SmartTub® System

  • ClearRay® UV-C Technology


The latest and exclusive innovation from Jacuzzi® – our groundbreaking FX therapy seat now boasts patent-pending technology seamlessly integrating hydromassage with Near-Infrared and deep Red Light therapy. Specifically designed to target the lumbar region of the lower back, it delivers a range of clinically proven benefits just beneath the skin's surface.

Infrared + Red Light Therapy

Infrared + Red Light Therapy

Let’s you turn on your swim jets and adjust your hydrotherapy experience at the tap of a button.

Protouch™ Control

Protouch™ Control

The unique oval design flattens the water into a smooth, predicable, non-turbulent swim for the everyday athlete.

Poweractive™ AX Swim Jets