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4 Seats

5 Person

1 Lounger

Jacuzzi - J-300 Series - J-375, 5 Person, 4 Seats, 1 Lounger, Hot Tub


J-300 Series


The Jacuzzi® J-375™ Hot Tub offers room for up to six adults with diverse seating options. The tension-reducing PowerPro® Therapy Seat, lounge seating and superior PowerPro® Jets, including FX Jets, provide the best hydrotherapy available. This spacious Jacuzzi® Hot Tub is engineered for comfort.

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Size: 231cm x 231cm x 93cm

Jets: 52 Hydrotherapy Jets

Seats: 4 Seats, 1 Lounger




Litres: 1,685ltr

Technical Information

  • Jacuzzi® PowerPro® jet technology

  • ProClear® 5-stage filtration system

  • ProFinish™ cabinetry with exterior lighting

  • CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ water management system

  • LED lighting

  • LED control panel

  • Multi-layered insulation

  • Unique Hydrosoothe® head massage pillow

  • ProLast™ hot tub cover

  • Bluewave® stereo system

  • Available in Platinum acrylic shell colour

  • ProClarity® circulation pump

  • Four pillows

  • One waterfall

  • SmartTub® system


Foam Insulation

Foam Insulation

Hot tub insulation is something that changes from brand to brand and comes down to the manufacturer’s choice of insulation material; at Jacuzzi® we use dense foam insulation coupled with a lighter intermediary foam to cover most of our hot tub’s equipment and plumbing.