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5 Seats

6 Person

1 Lounger

Jacuzzi - J-400 Series - J-435, 6 Person, 5 Seats, 1 Lounger, Hot Tub


J-400 Series


With 5 seating options, the J-435™ hot tub offers privacy, a forward-facing lounge, and a jetted cool down seat, making this seven-foot spa a popular model.

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Size: 213cm x 213cm x 95cm

Jets: 47 Hydrotherapy Jets

Seats: 5 Seats, 1 Lounger



Weight: 372kg

Litres: 1,363ltr

Technical Information

  • Jacuzzi® PowerPro® jet technology

  • Infrared and Red Light therapy

  • High-back shell design

  • ProClear® 6-stage filtration system

  • ProFinish™ cabinetry with exterior lighting

  • CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ water management system

  • LED Lighting

  • ProTouch™ control panel

  • Exterior status light

  • Multi-layered insulation

  • ProLast™ hot tub cover

  • Bluewave® stereo system with amplified subwoofer

  • Available in Platinum acrylic shell colour

  • ProClarity® circulation pump

  • Three adjustable pillows

  • One wide-sheet waterfall

  • SmartTub® system


Foam Insulation

Foam Insulation

Hot tub insulation is something that changes from brand to brand and comes down to the manufacturer’s choice of insulation material; at Jacuzzi® we use dense foam insulation coupled with a lighter intermediary foam to cover most of our hot tub’s equipment and plumbing.

Step into relaxation with Jacuzzi! Explore our luxurious hot tub models in our latest product brochure. From compact gems perfect for cozy spaces to spacious retreats.

Jacuzzi Brochure

The striking ProFinish™ cabinetry design features optional corner lighting inspired by architecture, drawing the eye to the modern design while providing added safety. And, an illuminated status light to provide quick indication from afar.

Profinish™ Cabinetry

Profinish™ Cabinetry

The lounge seat offers a full-body massage, with invigorating bubbles that relieve tension on your wrists and hands and full-leg coverage with hamstrings, calf, and leg jets.<