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7 Seats

7 Person

No Lounger

Jacuzzi - LX Series - J-LX, 7 Person, 7 Seats, No Lounger, Hot Tub


LX Series


Introducing the groundbreaking J-LX®, the ultimate innovation that is transforming the industry yet again. This extraordinary product combines the power of patent-pending Infrared and Red Light therapy with the soothing benefits of hydromassage, delivering an unparalleled experience of rejuvenation and relaxation.

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Size: 231cm x 231cm x 86cm

Jets: 41 Hydrotherapy Jets

Seats: 7 Seats



Weight: 415kg

Litres: 1,249ltr

Technical Information

  • 6-7 Person Hot Tub

  • 7 Upright Seats

  • 41 Hydrotherapy Jets

  • Infrared and Red Light therapy

  • ClearRay® UV-C Technology

  • SmartTub® System


Foam Insulation

Foam Insulation

Hot tub insulation is something that changes from brand to brand and comes down to the manufacturer’s choice of insulation material; at Jacuzzi® we use dense foam insulation coupled with a lighter intermediary foam to cover most of our hot tub’s equipment and plumbing.

Step into relaxation with Jacuzzi! Explore our luxurious hot tub models in our latest product brochure. From compact gems perfect for cozy spaces to spacious retreats.

Jacuzzi Brochure

Jacuzzi® revolutionises water care with the fusion of Ozone and UV-C technology in our CLEARRAY system. Enjoy a hands-free approach to water maintenance with a 5-stage filtration process, leading to fewer water changes and reduced effort. Harnessing the natural power of air and light, CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ technology cleans water efficiently, cutting hot tub chemical usage by up to 50%.

Clean* Water, Less Effort

Clean* Water, Less Effort

Jacuzzi®'s patented SmartTub® technology, allows you to connect to your hot tub from anywhere using a cellular connection. Take control of key features such as water temperature, jets, filtration, lights, and more. Optimise energy consumption and schedule your sessions with Smart Heat Mode, saving up to 25% on standby heating. Manage, control, and track Infrared and Red Light therapy effortlessly.

Peace of Mind from Anywhere

Peace of Mind from Anywhere

The latest and exclusive innovation from Jacuzzi® – our groundbreaking FX therapy seat now boasts patent-pending technology seamlessly integrating hydromassage with Near-Infrared and deep Red Light therapy. Specifically designed to target the lumbar region of the lower back, it delivers a range of clinically proven benefits just beneath the skin's surface.

Infrared + Red Light Therapy

Infrared + Red Light Therapy

Special Features