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4 Seats

5 Person

No Lounger

Jacuzzi - Power Active - J16, 5 Person, 4 Seats, No Lounger, Swim Spa

J16 Power Active


The combination of jets and pumps deliver a steady stream of water which when combined with the carefully designed interior incorporating suction inlets and hips that eliminate the reflective wave delivers a smooth, predictable, spacious current of water for a great swim experience. The SteadySwim™ buoyancy jet keeps swimmers aligned by elevating you into the proper body position throughout your swim. The J-16™ PowerActive™ Swim Spa can also be used as the perfect exercise pool and aquatic gym, the SoftStride mat on the floor allows you to perform a variety of fitness exercises in the water without the risk of slipping, whilst further accessories allow you to exercise through a variety of circuits for both aerobic and strength building exercises. 

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Energy Efficient Insulation

Energy Efficient Insulation

Industry leading, multi layered insulation that retains and recycles heat.

Dimensions: 472cm x 236cm x 134cm

Usable Swim Area: 284cm

Dry Weight: 1,180kg

Total Filled Weight: 8,799kg

Average Spa Volume: 7,260 litres 

Pump1: 3HP/2SPD/10/3A (UK)

Pump 2: 4HP/1SPD/12.7A (UK)

Technical Information

  • PowerActive™ AX Swim Jets

  • FORM Goggles Wearable Technology

  • Infrared and Red Light therapy

  • SmartTub® System

  • ClearRay® UV-C Technology


The latest and exclusive innovation from Jacuzzi® – our groundbreaking FX therapy seat now boasts patent-pending technology seamlessly integrating hydromassage with Near-Infrared and deep Red Light therapy. Specifically designed to target the lumbar region of the lower back, it delivers a range of clinically proven benefits just beneath the skin's surface.

Infrared + Red Light Therapy

Infrared + Red Light Therapy

Let’s you turn on your swim jets and adjust your hydrotherapy experience at the tap of a button.

Protouch™ Control

Protouch™ Control

The unique oval design flattens the water into a smooth, predicable, non-turbulent swim for the everyday athlete.

Poweractive™ AX Swim Jets