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Reef Spas

3 Seats

5 Person

2 Loungers

Reef Spas - Holiday Let - Ocean, 5 Person, 3 Seats, 2 Loungers, Hot Tub


Holiday Let


The Ocean is a spacious hot tub designed to offer plenty of room for all the family to enjoy.

With a relaxing lounger to one-side there is plenty of space for 5 additional seats with adjustable pulsar massage jets in all the right places.

Ocean hot tubs are HEAT PUMP READY and come with a FAST DRAIN manifold inside, which can be plumbed to suit the application.

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  • Size: 200cm x 200cm x 90cm

  • Jets: 40 Pulsar Adjustable Jets

  • Seats: 5 Seats, 1 lounger

  • Pumps: 1 x 3HP Massage Pump

  • Power: 13amp Power Supply

  • Weight: 310kg

  • Litres: 1,339ltr

Technical Information

  • High Flow Massage Pumps

  • Pulsar Adjustable Jets

  • Circulation Pump

  • LED lighting

  • SpaNet SV1 Mini Topside Controls

  • Steel Frame Construction

  • Maintenance Free Cabinet

  • Ozonator

  • Black Vinyl Premium Cover

  • High Tensile Strength Base

Designed to appeal to the holiday let market, the following features  have been  removed:

  • No Music

  • No Drink Pad Lights

  • No Pillow

  • No Fountains


HeatSave2 Premium Insulation

HeatSave2 Premium Insulation

Energy use is important to us and to you. HeatSave2 is designed to minimize heat loss, increase thermal retention, and keep your running costs as low as possible. Each panel has a reflective insulating lining, and the acrylic shell has several layers of ultra-efficient insulation which prevents climate ingress, thermal loss and recycles latent heat.