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3 Seats

4 Person

No Loungers

Reef Spas - Swim Spa Series - Cayman, 4 Person, 3 Seats, No Loungers, Swim Spa


Swim Spa Series


The outstanding Cayman Swim Spa which employs the latest T3 Truwave Turbine Technology to provide the ultimate swim experience. If you are looking for a deep swim spa with the power to accommodate the strongest of athletes or simply looking to enjoy swimming as part of your fitness regime then the Cayman is for you.

Once you’ve finished your fitness routine there are three hydrotherapy massage seats integrated at the rear designed for immediate muscle recovery. With its stunning looks including LED lighting throughout the Reef Spas Cayman certainly ticks all the boxes.

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HeatSave3 Upgraded Premium Insulation

HeatSave3 Upgraded Premium Insulation

Energy use is important to us and to you. HeatSave is designed to minimize heat loss, increase thermal retention, and keep your running costs as low as possible. Each panel has a reflective insulating lining, and the acrylic shell has several layers of ultra-efficient insulation which prevents climate ingress, thermal loss and recycles latent heat. 

All models with touch screen controls have the upgraded HeatSave3 insulation which benefit from an additional layer of insulation in the form of a high-density foam barrier.

  • Size: 580cm x 230cm x 150cm

  • Jets: 1 Turbine, 30 Pulsar & 6 Air Jets

  • Seats: 3 Seats

  • Pumps: 1 x Turbine Pump, 1 x Massage Pump, 1 x Air Booster Pump

  • Power: 40amp

  • Weight: 1,600kg

  • Litres: 8,288ltr

Technical Information

  • Bluetooth™ Music Streaming System

  • High Flow Massage Pumps

  • Pulsar Adjustable Jets

  • Circulation Pump

  • Fountain Jets

  • LED lighting

  • SpaNet Smartouch Topside Controls

  • Steel Frame Construction

  • Maintenance Free Cabinet

  • Ozonator

  • Black Vinyl Premium Cover

  • High Tensile Strength Base


The Cayman has 6 stunning cascade waterfalls each fitted with integrated multicoloured LED lighting to create a stunning “curtain of light” as the water cascades into the swim spa. waterflow is easily adjusted by a simple dial.

Multiple Cascade Waterfalls

Multiple Cascade Waterfalls

The SpaNet SV touch screen Control System with integral Wifi makes it easy for you to control your spa from anywhere at any time, directly from your phone.

SpaNet Control System

SpaNet Control System

The T3 Truwave Turbine Technology creates a smooth, natural and extremely powerful counter-swim current. This wide and deep current can be fully adjusted to meet any swimming speed or ability.

T3 - TruWave Turbine Technology

T3 - TruWave Turbine Technology

Special Features

Step into relaxation with Reef Spas! Explore our luxurious swim spa models in our product brochure.